Friday, August 14, 2009

Colton update

Last Friday Colton spent the night at Primary Children's having continuous monitoring done in the sleep lab since his problems mainly happen after he has been asleep for a while. He didn't sleep well between the old metal crib that made a ton of noise every time he moved, the 30 plus wires attached to him and not being in his own bed. Matt stayed with him the whole night and I took Madison and her friend Grace to see the new Ice Age movie. Even though it was so cute watching the girls giggle and interact with the movie, I could not stop thinking about my poor little guy in a strange place. It helped to know that he was with his daddy. After the movie was over I could not sleep. Thank goodness for Facebook. :) Madison had a hard time not having her baby and daddy at home. She cried most of the night asking if the doctors were going to hurt her baby. Matt sent a picture of him playing in the bed. I think that helped reassure her that he was just fine. Moments later I found her fast asleep in my bed.

Today we got the results from the doctor, he said that although he is improving some he wants Colton to be put back on oxygen while he is sleeping and keep the monitors on him and run the tests again in four to six months. So for a problem that we were told would go away by the time he was four months old seems to be something that possibly might never go away, only time will tell.


Mary said...

I love those Pictures they are so cute. Thanks again for taking grace to the movies she loved it. I hope for the best for colton.

anjie said...

he looks so good sitting up in the crib!